A Day well spent- BBC video shoot at Raw Staw

The BBC had a super fun day recording some of our favourites songs all acoustic at a lovely cafe in Kalyan Nagar called Raw Straw.

Little did we realise the our photoshoot would end up being a tremendously fun one as well. Thank you @PixelStory for getting us to perform on the streets of Kalyan Nagar. That surely was wild!

Here are some of the photographs pf the shoot and of course the videos

Our precious precious band did an acoustic recording of a song so close to everyone – The Circle of Life, Lion King. We launched our massive band on the 12th of May at OO Heaven. We aspire big for the group and invite all of you to support and join our crazy family.

Thanks to Nithin Venkatesh & Achilles Kodamanchili for working so closely with us for produce the video. Venue – RawStraw, HRBR layout. Thank you Sagar K Reddy for allowing us to record at your beautiful cafe.

Here is another acoustic recording – This song is a vocal masterpiece and a beautifully composed six piece harmony by Rajaton – A group that inspires us tremendously.

Here is another acoustic recording – This is a really fun song called Thulele Mama ya meaning ‘Take it Easy Mama’. Written by Coco’s lunch and re-arranged by us.

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